Sunday, July 8, 2018

Red Sparrow Disappoints As A Spy Thriller But Jennifer Lawrence Saves It

      When the foundations of a film nor storyline crumble, sometimes all it takes is for a strong actor or actress to elevate the film to the point of it being watchable despite the films glaring flaws. With Red Sparrow, the overall film itself isn't a great one by any means but Jennifer Lawrence delivers a strong performance that allows her to carry the rest of the film on her shoulders. Red Sparrow as a film is not terrible by any means but it's also nothing special (Or at least not as good as it could've been). Red Sparrow desires to be a smart and sexy Spy thriller but instead feels like a convulted storyline with rather thin characters with the exception of Lawrence, who flat out saves the movie from being a total letdown. It is because of her and her alone that Red Sparrow is worth watching but nothing more.

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      Red Sparrow for the most part is entertaining despite feeling slow-paced with it's story but the strong performances of Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton make it something rather likeable. Red Sparrow's tone, story, and sexuality makes it feel like a thriller that Paul Verhoeven would've made back in his prime as a director. Red Sparrow feels similar to Verhoeven's Dutch Spy Thriller titled Black Book with that film also having a strong female character in the story, utilizing their sexuality as a tool to gain intel. Red Sparrow centers its plot around Ballerine Dominika Egorova being recruited to a Russian intelligence service titled Sparrow School, where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. Her first mission however which is the targeting of a C.I.A agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations. Based on a bestselling book, Red Sparrow has all the makings of a great Spy Thriller from strong source material to a talented Oscar nominated actress playing the lead role. What the film lacks is steam to make what's already an intriguing story more compelling and exciting, but Lawrence's performance makes it an entertaining ride. She portrays a strong, smart, and likeable character whose more than up to the challenge the story presents her character with. Lawrence proves to be the perfect choice for the part with Edgerton delivering a strong performance as the American C.I.A agent being targeted but isn't easily swayed.

      On a technical note, Red Sparrow delivers strong Cinematography, Art-Set Decoration, and Music making the film appealing visually (No i'm not referring to Jennifer Lawrence). The films pacing is slow particularly in the films middle section, making the rest of the story feel rather uneven. The films main message says that the Cold War continues into the 21st century, and that no one can be trusted especially in the profession Lawrences character is forced against her will to commit to. Sparrow gives the idea that no one can be trusted which is further driven through the eyes of Lawrence's character.

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