Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thor Ragnarock Is Damn Fine Marvel Entertainment Despite Being Overhyped

2017 has been nothing short of an astounding year for comic book movies in general. What started out as a triumphant finish to an actors legacy of playing an iconic character for 17 years in the case of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan to Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins defying all expectations with Wonder Woman, to Tom Holland successfully rebooting Spiderman in the Marvel universe with Spiderman Homecoming, and Justice League not being as disastrous as what people were expecting, now comes full circle with the release of Thor Ragnarock, the third and surprisingly strong installment in the popular Marvel franchise. The Marvel universe has been on a roll this year with Spiderman Homecoming successfully bringing the character into the Marvel universe while making it appeal to audiences the way Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire's Spiderman trilogy did. While the first Thor movie wasn't necessarily one of Marvels strongest films, it introduced the character to audiences with a strong first impression thanks to Chris Hemsworth's performance as Thor and Kenneth Branagh's solid storytelling. Thor ll: The Dark World is among Marvels weakest films to date, but it proved to be more successful than the first Thor as the first movie successfully established his character with audiences despite the story being weaker. With Thor Ragnarock, the filmmakers take notice of the fact that the previous Thor films, while entertaining and fun aren't necessarily the strongest films in the MCU. With Ragnarock, director Taika Waititi delivers what's easily the strongest installment in the Thor franchise yet although the movie while being extremely fun to watch, is definitely a victim of being overhyped.

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      Thor Ragnarock by all means is a fun and entertaining ride, that will please Marvel fans alike not just in being exciting and thrilling to watch, but also with the fact that it's a much stronger film than the previous installments in the Ragnarock trilogy. The style of the film is similar to that of Guardians Of The Galaxy, which makes it feel like a feel good popcorn blockbuster, and in some cases a more fresher film than Vol 2 of Guardians. The plot for Ragnarock centers around the almighty Thor now imprisoned, finding himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against his former ally, the Hulk. Having discovered this revelation, Thor must fight for his own survival and race against tim to prevent the all powerful Hela from destroying both his home and the Asgardian civilization. In terms of performances, Hemsworth once again shines and chews up the scenery as Thor, proving that he is the ideal pick for the part with Tom Hiddleston shining as Thors twisted brother Loki. Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, and Tessa Thomspon shine in their supporting roles with Thompson delivering a likeable performance as Thors ally Valkyrie. Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his role as Dr. Strange for a brief yet slick cameo. Perhaps the films most interesting addition to the cast is Jeff Goldblum, proving once again to be likeable on the big screen even if his character is the antagonist this time (Goldblum is great at playing sleazy villain roles while doing his Goldblum routine of stealing every scene he's in while creating a complex for his characters). Anthony Hopkins does the best he can with the brief role he has in the film as Thors father Odin, and Karl Urban as Skurge (Is the guy ever not good). As for Bruce Banner/Hulk, Mark Ruffalo continues to grow on fans as being a solid choice for the part, picking up where Eric Bana left off with Ang Lee's underrated 2003 attempt at bringing The Hulk to the big screen, and Edward Norton's superior follow-up titled The Incredible Hulk. With Ragnarock, Hulk is fleshed out more in the film and given a more emotional complex, that fills the void for Ruffalo's character not having his own solo film like the other characters (Hulk being able to talk in this one is a real treat along with the visual aspect of his character being striking). In terms of acting performances, everyone does a solid job and appears to be having a blast with the material their given in this film. Ragnarock is first and foremost supposed to give off the impression that its a fun ride, and never does it attempt to become more than just hardcore entertainment for Marvel fans. For those looking for pure excitement and fun, that's more than enough for them. For those looking for deeper substance within the story, the film while being highly entertaining leaves more to be desired (Especially when some fans and critics throw the word masterpiece around to describe it).

      On a technical level, Thor Ragnarock is just as visually striking as any recent Marvel Cinematic Universe film with the special effects being impressive, and the atmosphere of the film being appealing with it's colorful universe that deliberately imitates Guardians Of The Galaxy. The difference between the first two Thor films and Ragnarock is while the first two films were fun-spirited movies with moments of drama, Ragnarock completely immerses itself in the genre of comedy, never allowing a moment for itself to be taken seriously. The humor combined with the visual style of the film make this one an unusual catch with audiences in the realm of Marvel movies, while at the same time making it a universal crowd pleaser. Ragnarock defies the stereotypical feat that comes with third installment of sequels in which they lose the spark of the first two films, instead Ragnarock shines above the other films and ends up being the crown jewel of the trilogy. One feels that Taika Waititi should handle the future installments of the Thor franchise as he knows how to capture the character in his best moments. Despite Cate Blanchett's performance being good but her character being rather underdeveloped as the films antagonist, the movies killer soundtrack elevates the lack of strong character development and helps to take audience along for the ride. The concept of the Thor franchise puts a fun spin on the whole Gods and gladiators aspect of the story, and one feels that Waititi understands that and plays off that angle.

      Thor Ragnarock is first and foremost a fun-spirited spectacle of a film, that instantly pulls the audience into this amazing universe of characters and superheroes, drawing them in and never letting go until the films finale. While the film does it's best impersonation of trying to match the sheer spectacle, high level fun, and stylish atmosphere of James Gunns Guardians Of The Galaxy films, it trades in it's exploration of characters and plot for popcorn entertainment that will please all Marvel fans alike, but also make them realize that outside of the flashy visuals and humor, the film doesn't necessarily stay with you long after it's over. The movie is awesome in entertainment value, but doesn't give the audience anything to reflect on theme wise unlike Civil War where the audience is forced to decide whether the Avengers team do as much damage to the population as they try to stop or should be allowed to operate freely The film is a tongue-in-cheek adventure, that knows exactly what it wants to be and executes it's story with the utmost confidence in telling it with the sole mission to entertain. With all the praise directed towards the film, one wonders where the overhyped aspect of the film comes in. The film itself is not a bad movie and is actually highly recommendable, but it's not the masterpiece some Marvel fans make it out to be as it doesn't fully flesh out the characters nor give themes that the audience can reflect on after it's over. As far as Thor films go, it's the most satisfying installment out of the trilogy and makes you earn a deeper appreciation for Hemsworth in the lead role, and happy that The Hulk has a much bigger role in this film. There are hardly any fans that will find disappointment in Ragnarock, but they will differ in how good of a film it is. A good movie it is forsure as well as being one of the strongest installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it ends up falling short of being a masterpiece. It has the fun of Spiderman Homecoming but it never reaches the emotional depth of films such as Logan and Wonder Woman, but it takes the best elements of Guardians Of The Galaxy, delivering it's best imitation of it from the colorful atmosphere down to the humor and carefree approach to it's story with a killer soundtrack added on. Thor Ragnarock is not as strong as some of the other great comic book movies that came out this year, but it certainly delivers in terms of giving popcorn entertainment that's both funny and feels good. For that reason alone, Ragnarock is a must see even if those aren't fans of the previous Thor films as the movie is set up to draw in newer fans instantly.

                                                                                             Final Verdict: SEE IT


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